Since I was a kid, I went to as many theme parks as possible. I have always wanted to design experiences, from sketching ride concepts to building model roller coasters. This desire to participate in and build well-crafted adventures has continued into my adult life. 

I conceptualized repurposing an abandoned copper mine in Alaska into a family wilderness experience through a welcome package covering all aspects of this adventure.  This idea was selected as a finalist in the Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations Design Competition.

As an undergraduate theatrical scenic design major at Muhlenberg College, I designed and oversaw the creation of an immersive mainstage production that brought the audience through the proscenium. This New York City environment, featuring the West Harlem Viaduct with a subway map overlay, transformed before your eyes into a colorful drag queen.

During my Applied Arts MFA program at CalArts, I combined all of my educational training into a visualization of a multi-part museum experience covering the foundation of humanity's earliest civilizations.

With Walt Disney Imagineering in both Glendale and Orlando, I thrived in a fast-paced environment requiring rapid visualization, prototyping, and implementation of domestic and international projects.

Through these undertakings, I have built upon my passion for creating immersive experiences. As I work towards graduation, I will continue to build up my skill set to enable my entry into the creative entertainment industry.

Andrew G. Carey - 2020