Andrew G. Carey - 2019


I see myself as a builder who uses artistic constructs to create what I can imagine. For as along as I can remember, I have built things. At age four, I was following the instructions of K’Nex and Lego. By age six, I left the instructions behind and built my own creations.


In theatre, I have provided a location for the truths of others to be exposed. In circus, I built a framework for amazing feats to spring forth. The mediums of theatre and circus dictate that I create spaces that encapsulate performers on stage, but I strive to envelope my audience and create a complete experience.


I am drawn to the technical understanding of how my creations operate and how audiences experience my work. I take great pride in what I make and how it functions. I also value working within a community where second opinions and new ideas are readily available. I use those observations to mitigate the gap between what I intend and what my audience understands.


Ultimately, the goal of my work is to let audiences drive their own experience. I want to provide the seeds that allow their creativity to germinate and to have them imagine what the rest of my structures look and feel like. I give them the power to generate their own journey.


- Andrew