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Hi there, I’m Andrew.

I’m a creative-director-in-training, and I love all things experience-based entertainment! 


At BMorrow Productions in Orlando, I designed theme park lands, immersive experiences, and décor via sketches, digital models, physical mock-ups, and full illustrations. I grew from a Creative Designer to Creative Manager, leading the BMP Art Studio on over 30 projects.


With Walt Disney Imagineering in both Glendale and Orlando, I’ve worked with teams in a variety of sizes in various ways, from team management and conceptual design of large scale experiences in an office setting to installing assets in the field.


With my background in theatre and immersive entertainment from Muhlenberg College and the California Institute of the Arts, I’m always looking for new ways to design, develop, and build engaging adventures that entertain audiences. I thrive in a deadline-driven environment and never let constraints limit my creative problem-solving skills.

Using many mediums and methods like 3D modeling, painting, Excel, and Adobe Suite, I strive to push myself and my co-creators to develop the best work that we can. With all these skills and experiences I will continue to explore the creative entertainment industry.


I can’t wait to share the passion I have
for theatre, theme parks, and experiences with you!

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