Immersive Walkthrough

Mentor - Robert Coker    Producer - Liliana Brown     Writer - Bonnie Stinson.   Graphic Designer - Angie Annett     Concept Illustrator - Cara Levine

My Role - Concept Illustrator

Prompt - During the Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series Pitch Deck Program, each participating team was given a prompt to develop. My team was tasked to develop an immersive walkthrough experience (examples: The London Dungeon and Shrek's Adventure) based on the theme of aliens. Over 4 weeks, we generated a pitch deck for this new attraction. With Cara and I working together as a concept illustration team, we set out to divide the artwork while maintaining a similar art style.

My Concept Artwork

Complete Pitch Deck

*The project was conceived by Team 4 in the Summer 2020 Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series Pitch Deck Program. This project is within the public domain, as stated by the TECWS. The workshop is a way for participants to showcase and develop their talents with the mentorship of industry professionals.

Andrew G. Carey - 2020