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Area 52

Immersive Walkthrough Experience - Concept Illustrator - Team Project



Area 51 may be off limits, but Area 52 is open for business! The search for extraterrestrial life continues at AREA 52, and you can be a part of it. AREA 52 is a new walk-through attraction just outside of Las Vegas. With a desert dig site, unearthly plants, and a ram-shackle bar run by SETI enthusiasts, at AREA 52, you can decide for yourself if we’re all alone in the universe.


During the inaugural Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series Pitch Deck Program, each participating group was given a prompt. My team was challenged to develop an alien themed immersive walkthrough experience. Over 4 weeks, we generated a pitch deck and presentation for this new attraction.

My Illustrations

Attraction Overview

Based on our beat list, the team worked out what scenes and locations would be needed. This included a ticket booth with a gas station facade, a dig site area, a show building for interior scenes, Darwin's Bar, and a gift shop.

Spaceship Reveal (Night & Day)

After exploring the dig site, guests travel deeper into the rocks where they discover a spaceship among the spires.

Darwin's Bar

The experience ends in Darwin's Bar, where guests can reflect on their experience as they purchase themed cocktails and food.

Complete Pitch Deck

The project was conceived by Team 4 in the Summer 2020 Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series Pitch Deck Program. This project is within the public domain, as stated by the TECWS. The workshop is a way for participants to showcase and develop their talents with the mentorship of industry professionals.

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