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Immersive Land Design Concept - Team Project



To reach the new world, you must be willing to leave the old world behind—ARKADY points the way.
In a not-so-distant future, most human cities are no longer habitable. But Arkady presents a bold
and persuasive alternative to the ways of the past.

You arrive in the small city of Arkady as a refugee from the old world, with so much to learn—and unlearn.
The city welcomes you with open arms. Here, your curiosity is rewarded and your creativity is essential.
Prepare to encounter a vibrant new world with surprising technology, provocative myths, and
ancient wisdom that will delight visitors of all ages.

But beware: you and other new Arkadians must earn the right to stay by playing a role in nurturing the story of Arkady. Will you rise to the challenge and embrace this new world, or will you fall back into the old ways and allow Arkady to wither away—along with humanity’s last hopes of a future on Earth?


We designed Arkady to be an anti-apocalypse attraction.
It is a theme park that draws inspiration from smart cities, children’s museums, and science fiction.

My Illustrations

Overall Map

Arkady is a family-friendly park with four attractions, and each attraction corresponds
to a key-value that will help guests learn valuable skills and build a better future.

The Stream

For fresh air and relaxation, go to the Stream. An enormous concrete tube offers shelter from the sun,
and you can splash in shallow turquoise water or dash between old oil barrels that now spout water.

The Longhouse

Welders, weavers, carvers, electricians, glass-blowers, muralists— come to the Longhouse to
marvel at breathtaking craftsmanship and seasoned artisans who make Arkady possible.

The Market

The agora is situated beneath an old concrete overpass, an eyesore of a relic from a bygone era.
But with Arkadian effort, the space has been transformed. It is now vibrant and proud.

See the full project here

Please note, this project is not affiliated with any company/corporation, intellectual property, or other body of work.  It was created for the 2021 Storyland Studios Design Challenge and is not indicative of any past, present,
or future plans in any industry.

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