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Beyond the Veil

Immersive Hotel Project - Team Project



On board the “inaugural run” of the Lavender Empress train, guests encounter ghosts of the past and must interact with a rich cast of characters to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of Ada Post, daughter of the Post Locomotive Company proprietor, Damon Post.

During the two night, two-and-a-half-day train trip, guests are transported to the 1890s at the peak of spiritualism where they will be invited to take part in a séance that reveals the train is haunted by Ada’s ghost. Guests are then implored to discover clues by solving escape-room style puzzles to put together the pieces of the mystery. Will they expose the dark secrets hiding among the cars of Lavender Empress, or will Ada be trapped aboard forever?


Beyond the Veil is the conceptual design that invites guests to spend two nights and two full days exploring an interactive, immersive story-based train hotel experience.


Comprehensive characters with their own secrets, backstories,
and added key artwork build a visual world aboard the Lavender Empress, the project's vessel. Among the key art pieces are prop designs, costume design, graphic art, and environmental show
scene representations.

Storyboards & Sketches



Guest Cabin

After boarding the train, guests are guided to the cabin and settle in for their journey. When guests return to their sleeping cabins after the first dinner, special ghostly effects are activated and can be seen throughout the rest of their stay. 

Please note, this project is not affiliated with any company/corporation, intellectual property, or other body of work.  It was created as a personal exercise and is not indicative of any past, present, or future plans in any industry.

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