A sample of work as I complete my final year at the California Institute of the Arts.

The Journey to Civilization

Museum Exhibit Design Concept

Development project for a fictional museum requesting a new exhibit. This expansion dives into humankind’s prehistoric journey to the roots of civilization. Covering Language & Memory, Agriculture & Domestication, Currency, Legal Structures, and Astronomy, the exhibit brings the past to life with Interactives, films, and hands on experiences. The deck includes quick sketches, mood boards, and concept images for each portion of the exhibit space.*

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Area 52

Immersive Walkthrough Experience

Prompt - Develop an immersive walkthrough experience (examples: The London Dungeon and Shrek's Adventure) based on the theme of aliens. This was created for the Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series Pitch Deck Program.*

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Digital Illustration

Forrest Gump Redesign

Pitch Deck Created for Art Direction II

Prompt: Redesign Forrest's boat for a reboot of the film, Forrest Gump. Create a pitch deck for the design to display your idea in a branded, cohesive package. Include your research, colorway, concept illustrations, and art direction files.*

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LEGO Ride Vehicle Models

Made with Studio, a LEGO digital design tool

Creature Project

Created for Special Topics in Scenic Painting

Prompt: Design and construct a small scale creature sculpture/stop motion puppet. Generate a digital environment for the creature to inhabit.

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* Please note, these projects are not affiliated with any company/corporation, intellectual property, or other body of work.

They were created as personal or classroom exercises and are not indicative of any past, present, or future plans in any industry.

Andrew G. Carey - 2020