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The Laboratory

Keith Haring Inspired Restaurant Concept

Prompt: Design an immersive dining experience, based on an artist of your choice. It cannot already exist/have existed in the past.

Think of look & feel, location, back of house, floor plan, guest flow, menu, etc. Create a pitch deck for the experience to display your idea in a branded, cohesive package.*

Kathleen Savage

Character Study Based on Unpublished Script

Prompt: Based on a character breakdown, develop a presentation about the character and a room in their home.

Include mood and research boards as well as illustrations of the space.*

The Cat Tree

Inspired by the Work of Eero Saarinen

Prompt: Design a home for a fictional [feline] based on one of the art movements or eras covered in class. The goal is to take the design elements and motifs prevalent in the chosen era and apply them to your [cat condo] design.

The Journey to Civilization

Museum Exhibit Design Concept

Development project for a fictional museum requesting a new exhibit. This expansion dives into humankind’s prehistoric journey to the roots of civilization. Covering Language & Memory, Agriculture & Domestication, Currency, Legal Structures, and Astronomy, the exhibit brings the past to life with Interactives, films, and hands on experiences. The deck includes quick sketches, mood boards, and concept images for each portion of the exhibit space.*

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Area 52

Immersive Walkthrough Experience

Prompt: Develop an immersive walkthrough experience (examples: The London Dungeon and Shrek's Adventure) based on the theme of aliens. This was created for the Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series Pitch Deck Program.*

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