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Professional Experience

All projects and work are subject to NDA. Work samples may be available if requested.
All logos are designed by others and are the property of their respective IP holders

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Logo ©SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Opened Summer 2023, Creative Manager & Creative Designer,
BMorrow Productions.
  • Led and participated in brainstorming sessions to develop 3 original realm re-design concepts.

  • Interfaced directly with client to clarify concept, scope, and budget goals, and communicated feedback to the BMP team.

  • Sketched concept illustrations for use in market research sessions to determine the most preferred design concepts.

  • Illustrated over 5 pieces of art to showcase new attraction and realm concepts including key visuals for each attraction and the overall realm birds-eye visual. 

  • Produced technical sections, elevations, and plans to aid
    BMP Design Team in the production of construction-level drawing packages of way-finding signage, light posts,
    queue railings, splash pads, shade structures, hardscape,

    and other area development.

  • Designed ride vehicle concepts for 3 attractions and collaborated with 3D Modeler and BMP Design team to
    ensure final ride vehicle models and drawings matched the original design intents.

  • Built overall realm color callout packages including building elevations, ride vehicles, and area development for use by
    the general contractor during installation.

  • Contracted and collaborated with multiple artists and
    graphic designers, acting as the conduit between the artists
    and project leadership.

  • Worked with BMP Production studio on build and paint techniques for realm props and area development.

  • Generated Rescue Jr. brand guideline deck for use by park entertainment and marketing teams for future development.

Logo ©St. Louis Union Station
Opened Summer 2023, Creative Manager & Creative Designer,
BMorrow Productions.
  • Led and participated in blue-sky brainstorming
    sessions and creative charettes.

  • Ideated, sketched, and 3D modeled 10 visual illusions
    through multiple revision rounds and redesigns internally
    and with the client.

  • 3D Modeled overall experience, focusing on massing
    to explore guest flow, facility & visual intrusions, and
    illusion success.

  • Collaborated with special effect illusion designers to
    integrate technology needs and special effect
    requirements into show set drawings and models.

  • Sketched technical sections, elevations, and plans
    to aid BMP Design Team in the production of construction
    level drawing packages.

  • Illustrated 3 marketing-level concept illustrations
    used in the social media opening campaign.

  • Contracted and collaborated with external graphic
    designers on visual illusion production art files.

  • Coordinated with internal and external project leadership,
    I provided art direction and feedback to ensure the final experience matched all the initial design intent.

Logo ©BMorrow Productions
Creative Manager & Creative Designer.
  • Managed a team of 5 in-house and contract artists on simultaneous projects.

  • Illustrated design concepts using sketches, mood boards, environments, elevations, character sketches, full illustrations, and fine art digital painting.

  • Storyboarded multiple attractions, including major E-tickets, Interactive dark rides, and walk-through experiences

  • Led and participated in brainstorming sessions and Blue Sky charettes, live sketching to visualize concepts in real-time.

  • Interfaced with AutoCAD design teams through sketches and illustrated elevations, sections, and plans to produce drawing packages for client approval, procurement, and construction.

  • Coordinated with internal partners and external clients to implement comments and revisions on art and design.

  • Collaborated with ride manufacturers discussing scope, budget, elements, and storytelling options for new attraction concepts.

  • Developed an overall Art Studio dashboard and individual project task lists to track and predict Art Studio capacity, centralize internal and client artistic inputs, quantify project illustration needs, and expedite the art review process.

  • Wrote contracts, negotiated compensation, and managed communication between contractors and internal teams.

  • Improved and maintained positive relationships with
    clients and subcontractors through clear communication and expectations.

  • Generated company presentation deck template for
    use by all departments.

Logo ©Disney
Project Coordination Intern.
  • Strengthened the day-to-day operations of the EPCOT Festivals and EPCOT Design Services teams through
    the management, development, and implementation
    of over 15 projects.

  • Conceived and maintained scope documents to track the complex project life cycles of 4 EPCOT festivals.

  • Overhauled the graphic visualization of 2 team calendars
    to manage project timelines with Walt Disney Imagineering, park partners, and vendors.

  • Conceptualized, designed, and generated mockups of purchasable products with the EPCOT food & beverage team.

  • Designed graphics and planter layouts in coordination with IP and Sponsorship teams for in-berm photograph locations.

  • Envisioned, researched, drew, and assembled 10 concept presentations for intent packages on in-berm projects.

  • Coordinated shipping between Walt Disney Imagineering, vendors, and the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

  • Streamlined paperwork for tracking hardware
    after its arrival at Walt Disney Imagineering Glendale.

  • Lead the Installation of over 20 props
    and graphics on in-berm projects at EPCOT.

  • Reorganized and distributed shop drawing files
    within the Show Set department for 2 in-berm
    facilities at Tokyo Disneyland.

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