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The Laboratory

Immersive Dining Experience Concept - Individual Class Project



Design an immersive dining experience, based on any artist of your choice. It cannot already exist/have existed in the past. Think of look & feel, location, back of house, floor plan, guest flow, menu, etc. Create a pitch deck for the experience to display your idea in a branded, cohesive package.

Plan of Guest Areas

The Laboratory focuses on two main ideas:


1) Honoring the legacy of Keith Haring

2) Encouraging creativity


Guests enter from the street, descending a staircase or elevator to a subterranean subway station where recreations of Haring’s subway chalk art adorn the walls. From here, they pass through a graffiti covered subway car and exit into a pop art dining area filled with references and recreations of Haring’s work on a massive scale.


After ordering, guests are seated at black paper covered tables. To encourage creativity, guests are provided chalk to doodle with while they wait for their food to be delivered. They are free to draw whatever they want and then hang it on the guest gallery wall. Additionally, Haring inspired Instagram moments are available.

Subway Station Entrance

Descend into Haring’s “Laboratory,” the subway, and cross through a subway car into a pop art world.

Main Dining Room

Inside, guests order their meals from order counter, take a photo at an Instagram moment, and dine in our dining area

Menu Concept

Complete Pitch Deck

Please note, this project is not affiliated with any company/corporation, intellectual property, or other body of work.  It was created as a personal exercise and is not indicative of any past, present, or future plans in any industry.

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