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Wig Out!

April 2017 - Scenic Design



This design is inspired by Harlem landmarks, the 12th Ave Viaduct, and the NYC subway map to invoke a sense of New York City. I collaborated with Troy Dwyer, the director, to craft an environment that behaved like a scenic drag queen: crisp during the day and fabulous at night.

Production Team

Written by Tarell Alvin McCraney

Director - Troy Dwyer

Lighting - Gertjan Houben

Costumes - Andy Jean
Makeup - Joe Dulude II

Wigs - Bobbie Zlotnik

Production Photos

Production Photos by Ken Ek


I designed shallow stage extension and worked with the theatre's general management to generate proscenium crossing audience experience, bringing audience members on stage during the drag show in act 3. I also worked with the lighting designer, Gertjan Houben, to implement chasing lights in portal arches, a color changing upstage wall, and pops of light and color. Working with the production team about size of costumes and height of wigs, we determined needed clearance of scenic units. 

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