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Summer 2018 - Scenic Design



When a young boy runs away on an adventure through the unknown, he meets a whole host of unusual characters — and he learns what love, family, and home are all about.

Production Team

Created by Atlas Circus Company

Directors - Noah Dach & Stoph Scheer

Lighting - Paul E. Theisen, Jr.

Costumes - Lex Gurst

Production Photos

Production Photos by Ken Ek


I designed and helped fabricate a jungle environment for this circus production. Using hand sketches and SketchUp, I developed preliminary design concepts. I created design drawings in AutoCAD for the technical director and coordinated with the rigging and safety team to finalize the aerial counter-weight climbing ladder design. After these discussion I drafted drawings for use by a subcontractor to manufacture the ladders. I lead a crew that painted all scenic elements, including the floor which needed to remain flat and clear of obstructions for performer safety but still have a jungle ambiance.

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